The secret of Maruto Baum's "cut" and "hole"

Hello everyone.

This is Midopa from the online staff.


The ``Maruto Baum [strong tea salt]'' hole type, which is available only at online stores, has joined the group since last year.

This time, let's unravel the secret 🍵


Maruto Baum [strong tea salt]

``Maruto Baum [Koicha Salt]'' is a hard type of Matcha Baumkuchen dough topped with plenty of dark matcha chocolate.

Baumkuchen made with Danish salt crystals.


This salt has square pyramid-shaped crystals.

It won't be crunchy when you bite into it, It has a characteristic of crumbling.


Mild salty accent from deep sea salt with high mineral content.

It brings out the "umami" of matcha and creates sweets that allow you to fully enjoy matcha.



It is sold for a limited time every year at some stores and online stores.

Baumkuchen is irresistible for matcha lovers,


Hole type is available from Christmas to Valentine's season!



cut type What is different from "Maruto Baum [strong tea salt]".


That is "taste".


In addition to the fact that the whole is covered with chocolate and can be enjoyed richly,

Moisture does not easily escape from the dough, giving it a moist texture.


Therefore, it has a different taste than the cut type.

You can enjoy the texture 😊🍵


For those who are alone and think that the hall type might be a little big!

You can cut the pieces you like and share them at work or with friends.

Matcha time every night is something you look forward to every day...Wouldn't you enjoy it? (Nothing has been resolved (^_^;))


Midopa is a large whole type, sliced ​​thinly and chilled in the freezer.

I enjoy the crispy texture just before it freezes 🤫♪


I hope you all enjoy it as well.


Click here for the cut type of “Maruto Baum [strong tea salt]”

Click here for the hole type of “Maruto Baum [Thick Tea Salt]”

(Hole type is available only at online store)