A Vivid /Shijo Store

A Vivid /Shijo Store

Uji City hosts a remarkable young artist whose works are both unique and vibrant, often featuring prehistoric creatures and insects.

Among these fascinating elements, our parfaits, raw tea jellies, and various tea-related items are also beautifully depicted.

Last summer, this talented artist held a solo exhibition at the Nakamura Tokichi Byodoin store's event.

We are delighted to announce that the Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store cafe is now graced with their exquisite artwork, adding a splendid touch of color and charm to the space.

It is truly a delightful enhancement.

Their work, filled with vibrant colors and unique depictions of ancient creatures, insects, and our tea-related items, brings a special charm to our cafe.

When you visit Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store, please take your time to admire this beautiful artwork.


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