Arrange shaved ice with green tea!

Arrange shaved ice with green tea!

Hello everyone.

This is Midopa, an online staff member.


When the hot days continue like this, your appetite tends to drop 💦

...It's supposed to be ice cream, shaved ice, etc.

Midopa is where you'll always want to eat cool sweets.


This time, let's make shaved ice at home with sweet green tea mixed with matcha and sugar♪


Green tea is a sweet drink made by mixing matcha with sugar.

Mix with water to make a slightly thick syrup.



Pour your desired amount of shaved ice using your home shaved ice machine,

When you combine store-bought red bean paste, shiratama balls, and condensed milk,

Uji Kintoki was completed in no time✨


You can easily enjoy shaved ice at home♪


It's easy to think that shaved ice machines only work once a year, but...

Shave ice and add it to somen soup,

Freeze the juice and make it like sorbet...

I recommend it because you can have a lot of fun with it 😋✨


Would you like to make more memories of the hot summer?


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