Barley tea for everyday meals

Barley tea for everyday meals

"Nichiichi Barley Tea"
The product name is Nichinichi Mugicha.
Renovated at the end of this summer,
Barley tea that you want to drink every day.

Until this product becomes a product.

“I want to drink delicious barley tea.”
Listen to the words of the staff's children
As a tea shop, you can't help but roll up your sleeves.
On the day I heard these words
The blood of the tea shop gets excited.

For example, if there is a food that your child does not like,
How to learn to eat foods you don't like...
I think that mothers are thinking about it and putting it on the table and in their lunch boxes.
We at the tea shop understand that feeling very well.

What is missing, what is redundant, etc.
I want to make a new barley tea while staring at the tea.
It's been 6 months since I started with that idea...

“Everyone, try drinking.”
Then, I got the barley tea in my teacup and took a sip.
Not only is it aromatic and aromatic, but it's also sweet and refreshing.
Before I give my impressions, I gulp down some warm barley tea.
On a cold day, warm barley tea is soothing and soothing.

Every morning and every night. Barley tea for everyday meals.
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