"Botamochi" "Ohagi"

"Botamochi" "Ohagi"

Today, March 20th, is the vernal equinox. The day of the vernal equinox is Chunichi, and the 7 days before and after the equinox are called the Equinox.

"Botamochi" is often eaten at this time of year, but it is also eaten during the spring equinox, when the peony flowers bloom.

It seems that this is the origin.

There are various theories that botamochi is made in spring and ohagi is made in autumn.

In the past, this was called ``botamochi''. This is "Ohagi". and

For some reason, we only got into an argument once, and I can't help but think about it around this time of year.

Currently, it seems that either ``Botamochi'' or ``Ohagi'' is fine throughout the spring and autumn.

“The heat and the cold are all the way to the equinox.”

Although the number of days where we can gradually feel the warmth of spring has increased,

I still haven't put away my warm cord.

When you return from going out, wash your hands, gargle, and boil water...

No matter how busy your day is, brewing tea will make you feel relaxed.



While drinking warm sencha from a mug

Keko was having a relaxing time.