Byodo-in store reopened after renovation

Byodo-in store reopened after renovation

Hello everyone.

This is Midopa from the online staff.


It's March and the footsteps of spring are approaching little by little.

In Uji, the cherry blossom trees along the Uji River are in full bloom during the season, and many people visit.


The Byodo-in store, which stands on the side of the Uji River, was renewed last year.

This time, I would like to introduce the Byodoin store, which has been reborn as a new place to enjoy tea, with a cup of tea in one hand🍵


In October 2022, the Byodo-in store will be reopened after renovation.


“---Occasionally, in a familiar place,

You may be surprised that such a wonderful place exists.


If you notice the charm of the city you didn't know,

It's a new place I can't help but talk about.


The connection between people and people, people and the city is born,

Flowers bloom in the talk, and it becomes attachment.


With such a wish. "



Based on the concept of ties between Uji and people

The Byodo-in store has reopened in a new style.



The building is the former Kikuya Manpekiro, which is also a World Heritage Site.


With a panoramic view of the Uji River, it was loved by many writers, including Emperor Meiji and Emperor Taisho.


The exterior is a component of such an important cultural landscape.

The interior has been extensively remodeled to match the self-service cafe.



The second floor, which had not been used before, was also renovated,

You can enjoy the Uji River, which changes with the seasons and the weather.



Overlooking the Uji River, the superb view that has not changed since then

It can be said that it is a value that can only be found here.


And from today, to people 100 years from now.

I would like to preserve this landscape.



USB and power supply are installed in some seats in the store,

It is also good as a working space overlooking the superb view.



By all means, while enjoying the scenery of Uji

Take advantage of the creation of a new tea-enjoying lifestyle 😊🍵


[ Click here for Byodo-in store opening hours ]

*Byodo-in branch is a self-service cafe. We do not accept reservations.

*There is no parking lot at Byodo-in Temple. Please use nearby coin parking.


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