Cafe at the new head office [2]

Cafe at the new head office [2]

Hello everyone.

This is midopa, the online staff.


This time, the 2nd installment of the “new cafe at the main store”!


The highlights of the main store that are still not well known

Let me introduce you.


Creating an art space at the head office


In January 2021, the head office cafe was renovated for the first time in about 20 years.

The interior of a former tea factory building built in the Taisho period

I introduced it in a previous article. (▶︎Click here for Part 1)


The café at the head office has something to see for those in the know.


When you guide everyone into the store, the art on the wall catches your eye.


This is an art work of about 10m wide x 1.8m long by plasterer (sakan) who imaged a tea plantation.


The three shades of green are used to create depth, and the lighting adds shading.


When you take a seat, you will melt into the atmosphere of the restaurant.

table and elbow chair.


This is a Scandinavian-born chair that blends in well with the modern atmosphere of Kyoto's tea factory.



The table uses lacquer and persimmon tannin to create a Japanese-Western atmosphere.

Lacquer is also called JAPAN in English, and persimmon tannin has been used in tea making for a long time.

The table expresses the fusion of Japan and tea.



The shop is nostalgic and nostalgic, and makes you feel extraordinary.


When you come to Uji, please take a look at every corner😊🍵


(*At the cafe table, we are currently setting up a partition to prevent infection.)