Fire-opening ceremony at the main store

Fire-opening ceremony at the main store


Hello everyone.

This is Midopa, an online staff member.


The other day at the main store in Uji

The newly completed "Okudo-san" was put on fire.



What is “Okudosan”?


"Okudo-san" means "kudo" in the Kyoto dialect.

It's the same expression as "Oinari-san."


``Kudo'' comes from the word flue, and refers to an old-fashioned ``furnace.''


In the old days, people used this stove to light a fire and cook food.


In this project, the Okudo-san and Goemon baths were restored in the main building of the main store.


This is the first time for us staff to see the real thing.


Fujiyoshi Nakamura The chairman lived in this main building as a child.

Apparently, a fire was lit in the Goemon bath.



I was able to hear about people's lives that are rarely seen today.

It is said that you can cook delicious rice that cannot be enjoyed with the convenient rice cooker.


Just listening to it made me hungry 💦



An exorcism was held at the main store to burn the deceased.




At the burning ceremony, the priest purifies Okudo-san and the Goemon bath.



It's finally time to heat it up.



While the staff were watching, Okudo-san caught fire.



I’m looking forward to seeing Okudo-san from the main store become more active in the future 😊


If you see smoke coming out of the chimney of the main store's main building, please feel that Okudo-san is active.




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