happy everyday worries

happy everyday worries

Ladies and gentlemen, have you eaten lunch yet?

Water is essential when eating.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Keko's happy daily worries (*´∀`*)

During my lunch break, I often eat in the rest room, which is stocked with several types of our tea bags, including Nakamura tea, sencha, genmaicha, and sencha Tokichi.


The moment you pour hot water, the scent of genmaicha will make you feel relieved,
Brew Nakamura tea at a high temperature and enjoy the mellow and refreshing feeling,
When the temperature is high, you can pour hot water into Nakamura tea and cool it with a lot of ice.
Refresh your mood with Sencha Tokichi, which is soothing with its scent when you bring it to your mouth,

I am very happy to be able to choose and drink according to my mood and meal of the day, so I look at the tea bags every day ✨


It was a keko who thought about a very happy problem every day.

What do you all drink with meals?

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