happy new year

happy new year

Happy new year

Thank you for your continued support of Nakamura Tokichi Main Store this year.


``Obuku cha'' is a drink that we will continue to enjoy this year to wish for good health in the new year.


After drinking, I wrap the kelp and plums in paper and wipe myself.


When you drink Obuku cha, you feel like a new year has begun 😌🍵


Starting tomorrow, the cafes at each store will be open only for New Year's Day.

Kyoto ozoni will be served✨



Kyoto-style zoni made with mildly sweet white miso.

Shrimp sweet potato, Kintoki carrot, and thick rice cake mixed with white miso

It's a new year flavor typical of Kyoto.


White miso is not a preserved food, but developed along with Kyoto cuisine within the colorful culture of Kyoto.

Enjoy it with lucky charms such as round mochi and sweet potatoes😊🍵



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