Kagami biraki

Kagami biraki

Every year on January 11th, it is an event where the kagami mochi that has been offered as an offering is taken down and eaten to pray for good health.

It is considered bad luck to point a knife at an offering, so instead of using a knife, the mochi is opened by hitting it with a mallet, but mochi that has been decorated for many days is hard and difficult to open.

Recently, Kagami-mochi, which is pre-portioned mochi packed in packages, has become mainstream, and Kagami-biraki can be made as easily as simply opening the package. Traditional kagami-mochi takes quite a while, so you can soak it in water and then soften it in the microwave to make it easier to cook.

A rice cake that you can't help but eat a lot.
There are many variations of mochi recipes such as ozoni, shiruko, isobemaki, and kakimochi.
Keko was taught to eat every little piece of kagami-mochi, so he uses the small pieces as ingredients for okonomiyaki and enjoys eating them all every year.

May 2024 be a year of good health and happiness...
Please enjoy Kagami Biraki with these wishes in mind.
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