[Kyoto Station Store] “Koisuru Maruto Parfait” for a limited time only

[Kyoto Station Store] “Koisuru Maruto Parfait” for a limited time only

Hello everyone 😊

This is Keko from the online staff.


Last time, we introduced the seasonal menu of the Ginza store in Tokyo's GINZA SIX, so this time we will introduce the seasonal menu of the Kyoto Station store.


Introducing the seasonal Maruto Parfait "Koisuru Maruto Parfait" at Fujiyoshi Nakamura Kyoto Station store.


"Koisuru Maruto Parfait"

At the Kyoto Station store, Maruto Parfait is based on roasted green tea.


Specially made with white chocolate, fresh cream and white sauce.

Sweet and sour raspberry chocolate cream

For hojicha raw tea jelly

Hojicha gateau chocolate ❤️

The crispy texture is fun, and the meringue is an accent ✨


Sweet and sour strawberries combined with fragrant roasted green tea

February parfait to enjoy tea.

You can enjoy it only now✨


Please enjoy it when you stop by Kyoto Station 🍵


[Kyoto Station store limited Koisuru Maruto Parfait]

Offer period: Scheduled for January 20th to February 29th

* The end date may change depending on the situation.

* Contains Western liquor ( alcohol content less than 1.0% )


[Kyoto Station store]

Tea section 11 : 00-21:00

Cafe 11: 00-22 :00 (LO21:00)

* We do not accept reservations for the cafe.

* Depending on the congestion situation, reception may end earlier than the last order time.