Let's enjoy new tea with jelly

Let's enjoy new tea with jelly

The long-awaited season has arrived✨


Every year, when the new tea of ​​the year is completed,
I wonder what kind of taste this year will be (*´∀`*)


Every year, we check the flavor of the new tea and decide on the taste of "Namacha Jelly [New Tea]" 😊

The 2022 “

Fresh Tea Jelly [Shincha]” has a good balance of sweetness and bitterness, and mainly uses “Saemidori” tea leaves.



There are various seasonal limited

Fresh Tea Jelly throughout the year, but this time of year is especially grinning.


Refreshing aroma and aftertaste unique to fresh tea.

Fresh Tea Jelly [Shincha]" packed with plenty of umami and sweetness of tea.
You can enjoy the flavor of green tea even if you eat the special sencha bean paste by itself.


The cup "

Fresh Tea Jelly [Shincha]" has jelly, bean paste, and rice flour dumplings on separate trays, so you can eat half of the jelly first, eat it with just the sencha bean paste, or add plenty of sencha bean paste to the shiratama. Eat or eat all together...
You can enjoy it by changing how you eat it depending on your mood on the day.



What kind of food should I eat today?
It was Keko who had a happy problem.


Unfortunately, it is not mailed abroad, so you should definitely try it when you come to Japan.

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