[Main store] Limited time “Koisuru Maruto Parfait”

[Main store] Limited time “Koisuru Maruto Parfait”

Hello everyone 😊

This is Keko from the online staff.


This time, we will be introducing the seasonal menu of our main store in Uji.

When it comes to the main store's cafe menu, what comes to mind for most people is...


Isn't it a sweet in bamboo?

Not only the raw tea jelly, but also the parfait comes in a cool bamboo container.


Introducing Nakamura Tokichi main store's seasonal parfait, [main store/limited time] "Koisuru Maruto Parfait"




"Koisuru Maruto Parfait"

At the main store, Maruto Parfait is based on roasted green tea.


Specially made with white chocolate, fresh cream and white sauce.

Sweet and sour raspberry chocolate cream

Smooth matcha jelly

Matcha gateau chocolate etc.

Unlike a glass parfait, it's fun to eat while looking at the card to see what's inside.


A parfait that is fun to look at and fun to eat 😊


The depth of matcha, the mature bitterness, and the richness of chocolate.

A dish that combines sweet and sour.


When coming to Uji

Please give it a try 🍵


[Main store limited Koisuru Maru and Parfait]

Offer period: January 21st to February 29th

* The end date may change depending on the situation.

* Contains Western liquor ( alcohol content less than 1.0% )


[Main store]

Tea section 10:00 - 17:30

Cafe 10: 00-17 :30 ( LO 16:30 )

* We do not accept reservations for the cafe.

* Depending on the congestion situation, reception may end earlier than the last order time.

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