matcha sangria

matcha sangria

Good evening everyone 😊

This is Keko from the online staff.


Compared to previous years, the nights have become a little less cold.

If the temperature is like this,

After taking a bath, you'll want to hydrate yourself with a refreshing drink.


Today I would like to introduce the marriage of tea and alcohol for adults.


grin tea sangria


・White rum...60ml
・Spearmint...about 6 pieces ・Carbonated water...appropriate amount ・Ice [Matcha syrup]
・Green tea...6 tablespoons



1.Mix green tea and water to make matcha syrup

Matcha sangria recipe 1


2. Add mint and ice to the glass alternately.

Matcha sangria recipe 2


3.Pour matcha syrup, white rum, and carbonated water into a glass and mix lightly with a stirrer.

Matcha sangria completed

The ingredients and how to make it are easy.

Would you like to have a different kind of adult time than usual?


Products used

Green tea/150g bag

Introducing Green Tea/150g bag from Nakamura Tokichi main store online store. Green tea is a sweet drink made by mixing matcha with frosted sugar.