my favorite cherry blossom spot

my favorite cherry blossom spot

Hello everyone (^-^)

The weather has become like spring✨

It is said that the cherry blossoms will bloom earlier than usual this year🌸

Today, Keko will introduce my favorite scenery with cherry blossoms.



Every year, I always take a picture of this scenery.



Cherry blossoms blooming along the Uji River,

Byodo-in store seen with cherry blossoms on this promenade.

Visit this place many times when the cherry blossoms bloom,

Taking a camera carelessly,

Brew hot tea in a bottle,

Sitting on a bench on the promenade and drinking tea while looking at the cherry blossoms and mountains on the other side of the Uji River is very relaxing and I like it.


When you come to Uji, everyone,

Please relax and enjoy the same scenery ( ´∀` )


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