Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store opens

Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store opens

Just when I thought the summer heat had finally subsided,

Autumn weather is here in no time.


Many people visit Uji when the leaves turn autumn.



Facing Shijo Kawaramachi Street, where people come and go, Kyoto Takashimaya's new facility,

At Kyoto Takashimaya SC (T8)

"Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store" has opened.



October 17, 2023 “Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store” opens



Shijo Kawaramachi is , many wonderful tea shops,

It's a place full of great products.


What can we do with Japanese tea?



Not only matcha sweets, but also gyokuro, sencha, etc.

A place where Japanese teas other than matcha are attracting attention and "sharing".



Highlights - edges, circles, ○



Shijo store design progressed during the coronavirus pandemic Keywords are “edge, circle, ○”

The coronavirus has stopped people from meeting and interacting with each other, and ``connections'' have also come to a halt.


A cup of tea creates conversation between people.




We designed such edges with circles and O's, eliminating straight lines from the inside of the store as much as possible.

The kitchen and tables are perfectly round, so even people who don't know each other can feel their individual presence.

I hope that by being conscious of it just a little bit, you can feel the connection that you just happened to have.



Highlights - white, curves, and joints



In the center, we built a large table 3 meters in diameter.

The table, which was constructed with a plaster finish, has a design inspired by a teapot and teacup.



In drawing a gentle downward curve and a "white" color reminiscent of white porcelain,

It is full of the craftsman's will and determination.


Furthermore, the curved lines inside the store have almost no seams or steps.

This design hopes to create a smooth connection between people.



Highlights - Trees



Most of the visible part is wood.

One of the reasons is to provide a comfortable and comfortable space for our customers.


The other reason is to create a ``cypress stage'' by combining it with the white one mentioned earlier.

This is because we want to present the tea that has taken a huge amount of time and effort to create, which looks like a work of art, and the products that can only be made from that tea, on a stage that makes people feel a little more dignified and upright.




We are grateful to be able to provide you with a variety of exquisite Japanese teas and products.

With respect and gratitude.



[Nakamura Tokichi Shijo store]

Address: Kyoto Takashimaya SC [T8] 3F, 35 Otabicho, Higashiiri 2-chome, Shijodorijimachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8002

telephone number

business hours

Tea section 10:00-20:00
Cafe 10:00-20:00 (LO19:00)

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