"Poke Futa" found in Uji.

"Poke Futa" found in Uji.

Hello everyone, I'm Keko, one of the online staff members.

On June 18th, two new "Poke Futa" featuring characters from the beloved Pokémon series were installed in Uji City.
These unique manhole covers add a touch of whimsy and charm to our historic town. I decided to take a stroll through Uji to find these delightful additions and got a great workout in the process!

The first Poke Futa I found was on the east side of Asagiri Bridge.

This cover showcases the rabbit Pokémon, 『Hibanny(Scorbunny)』, and the spot panda Pokémon, 『Patcheel(Spinda)』.
The rim of the cover is a charming green tea color, making it even more adorable.

Next, I continued my search for the second Poke Futa.
After a bit of wandering, I finally found it in the "Tea and Uji Town History Park."


This cover features the matcha Pokémon, Sinistea and Polteageist.
Matcha-themed Pokémon? They're just too cute!

If you're in Uji, be sure to take a walk and discover these Poke Futa for yourself. They not only add fun to our streets but also celebrate the unique culture and history of Uji. Happy exploring!


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