"Matcha/Hojicha Financier" has been favored by many people.


This time it's even tastier

We have renewed to "MARUTOBEIKU" 😊🎊



I'll let you all know how things have changed.



Reborn "baked confectionery of tea"


"Maruto" is the store name,

"BEIKU" is a combination of baked

It means "baked sweets from Nakamura Tokichi Honten".



Until now, matcha, hojicha, seasonal financiers,

It was highly rated.


However, from the feeling that "I can make it more delicious"

We made improvements over time.



The theme is "delicious over time".



Our financier's moist dough makes the most of the tea flavor, but it becomes sticky after a while...


When it was sticky, it felt sticky in my mouth and I couldn't feel the taste of the tea.



To solve this, with a more fluffy texture,

It was to make it easier to feel the flavor of tea.



The type of almond flour that is the base of the dough and

Adjust the ratio of wheat flour to improve the dough with a mild flavor.


I hold the air softly,

When you put your cheeks in, the scent of tea contained in the fabric spreads.


This is how it will last for a long time in a packaged state.



Based on these improvements, "Marutobake" has been powered up.


Don't betray the expectations of everyone who loves "Financier" so far,

Both when I got it and when I was looking forward to it.



Go to "Nakamura Tokichi Honten Baked Confectionery" that you want to give to that important person.


With the name "Maruto", this confectionery has gone beyond the realm of a financier.


I would like everyone to have a meal once by all means.


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