season's greetings

season's greetings

In Japan, there is a greeting called "Jikou no Aisathu" (season's greetings),

It is used as a topic that is easy to sympathize with and can be used with any person, such as the changing of seasons and temperatures.

Everywhere in the world, there are landscapes that can be felt in each season, and the seasons can be felt through the scenery and food that can be seen, which can be sympathetic and endearing.

It is also used in modern Japan because it has been believed that it is important to express sympathy for others during the seasonal changes from winter to summer, such as spring to summer and autumn to winter.

In Uji, Kyoto, the buds of cherry blossoms can be seen here and there.
However, there are still many chilly days and it is difficult to put away winter clothes.
The word "Hanabie" is often used as a greeting at this time of year in Japan.
It refers to the return of cold weather around the time cherry blossoms bloom.
It is a perfect word for the current climate.

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