Summer limited menu "UJI KINGORI"

Summer limited menu "UJI KINGORI"

Hello. This is Midopa, the online staff.


The sun is strong during the day, and the number of sweaty days has increased💦


This time, we offer it at our cafe every year.

Introducing "Uji Kingori", a limited summer menu♪


Summer limited menu "Uji Kingori"



The shaved ice menu that started offering from May 1st (Monday) this year.


"Uji Kingori" is ice that melts like cotton snow,

We will prepare it in a pure white state with soft serve ice cream.





There, flavorful matcha honey, fragrant hojicha honey,

Choose from 3 types of matcha honey & hojicha honey,



While pouring honey as you like

Have fun.






You can wear half and half neatly,

Make it a striped pattern, just matcha, just hojicha...




…and enjoying

The soft serve ice cream has fallen 💦


I want to enjoy the appearance, but it's easy to collapse, so hurry up 😅


It's getting hotter and hotter, so

Ladies and gentlemen, please take care of yourself.


Let's enjoy summer to the fullest this year with cold sweetness🍧


"Uji Kin Ice"
Offer period: Scheduled from May 1st (Monday) to the end of September
■ Available stores: Main store, Kyoto station store, Ginza store
▼ Click here for the opening hours of each store



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