Tea comes out of the faucet

Tea comes out of the faucet

Hello everyone!

Keko, who used to go to elementary school in Uji, would like to share with you some of the things that happen in Uji.

When I was a child, there were things that I thought were the same in all prefectures.

One of those things was the tea 🍵 that came out of the elementary school faucet.

As I grew older, the natural scenery of my childhood became more vivid and I realized that it was something unique to Uji

The person on duty would fill a large kettle with tea and bring it to the classroom for everyone to drink. I remember I could drink a lot of hot tea, but as a child with a sensitive tongue, I had to wait until the tea cooled down a bit.

I learned about Uji from my childhood and even had Uji studies classes at school.

The content of the class varies depending on the school, grade, and year, but from Keiko's point of view, it is a very fascinating subject ✨.

I'll be back next time with more details.

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