Thank you again this year

Thank you again this year

Hello everyone.

This is the online store Midopa.


Once Christmas has passed, the year will quickly come to an end.

This year was a new year, with a new online store and a new blog.


Next year will also be the 170th anniversary of the founding of Nakamura Fujikichi Main Store...


Have fun in 2024 and learn about Nakamura Tokichi Main Store

We will continue to deliver it to everyone, so thank you for your understanding.


During the year-end and New Year holidays, all stores will be closed only on New Year's Day.

You can see the business hours and holidays for each store here.

Click here for store information page

At our main store, we welcome you with a ``Noren'' curtain that can only be seen during the New Year.

We also have "lucky bags" so please come and visit us 🎍

(*Lucky bags will be on sale from January 2nd and will end as soon as they run out.)



Happy New Year to all of you✨


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