The arrival of spring in Midorino Sekai

The arrival of spring in Midorino Sekai

It's getting a little bit of spring weather, isn't it?

Spring is gradually coming to the scenery overlooking the Uji River 🌸

This time, you can spend a relaxing time with the Uji River in the background.

Keko introduces the spring menu of the Byodoin store (*´∀`*)



Spring is coming to the Byodoin store limited menu "Green world".





When you scoop the top cherry cream, which expresses the beauty of the mountains at the beginning of spring, with a spoon, you will find fluffy matcha chiffon cake, chewy rice flour dumplings, and a slightly salty flavor accented with a crunchy texture.
You can enjoy various textures.


If you advance the spoon further,
Sakura soft serve ice cream made with special cherry blossom bean paste and sweet and sour strawberries.

It's a moment when you can feel spring in your mouth while watching the spring scenery of Uji River 😊


After relaxing your mouth with a special sweet bean paste with the flavor of matcha,
After enjoying the best pairing of Purupuru Namacha Jelly [Matcha] and matcha ice cream, take a break with light tea.

Enjoy a variety of textures, smooth down your throat,

Sweet and sour, salty, sweet, and refreshingly bitter, the world of Haruno will tickle your senses of texture, taste, and smell.

What kind of world do you see?



Offer store: Byodo-in store only

Offer period: March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 28 (Friday)

*Please note that the end date may change depending on the situation.

[ Click here for the opening hours of Byodo-in Temple ]

*Please note that we do not accept reservations for the cafe.

*For other opening hours of each store, please check the store information on our website.


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