The smokiness is addictive

The smokiness is addictive

Hello everyone 😊
This is Keko from the online staff.

When you hear the word “bancha”, what kind of tea comes to mind?
For people from the Kanto region, the color of tea (light blue) is green.For those from Hokuriku and Kansai, the color of tea (light blue) is brown.

``Obancha'' differs depending on the region.
Ever since I started working at Nakamura Tokichi main store...💦
``Bancha'' = brown in color and has a very heavy scent.
That's what I thought, but isn't Kyoto the only place with a very heavy scent?
eh! ! ! Is this scent only available in Kyoto?

People who are not familiar with Kyoto bancha are very surprised when they try it for the first time.
Most people are surprised, so
When purchasing, please ask us, ``Have you ever tried our Kyo Bancha?'' You can see the actual tea leaves and try the aroma of the tea leaves.


Kyoto bancha from Nakamura Tokichi main store. Kyoto bancha is a tea that is drunk on a daily basis in Kyoto.

At Nakamura Fujiyoshi Azabudai store, which opened this month,
You can taste a variety of teas at the store.
The tea you can taste may change depending on the day.
If you are interested in Japanese tea and have stopped by, we would like to ask you about recommended teas or teas that interest you.
I've been drinking and comparing them.

While we were talking about tea, quite a few of the customers' eyes turned to Kyoto Bancha.

“What is Kyoto Bancha? I'm curious. ”
We are often asked this question.

After explaining the tea, I poured ``Kyo Bancha'' into a tasting cup.
Have them smell the scent.
It's also a moment when Keko gets really excited.
``How do you like the scent? Do you think you can try it? ”
When asked, the customer smiled and said, ``I like this!'' ”
The moment you say, ``It's delicious,'' Keko smiles as if she was complimenting her child✨

When you stop by Nakamura Tokichi Azabudai store, be sure to sample the tea that interests you.
Please find your favorite Japanese tea.

Of course, we also sell ``Kyobancha'' at our online store ✨
Please check it out 😊


This is Kyoto bancha from Nakamura Tokichi online store.

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