Things to prepare in December

Things to prepare in December

Hello everyone 😊
This is Keko from the online staff.

Right away, for everyone's New Year,
Is there anything you cannot live without?

New Year's gift😋, Kadomatsu, New Year's decorations.
Osechi dishes, ozoni, kagami-mochi, toso...
I often hear that ozoni varies by region,
Keko always had a lot of head potatoes, shrimp potatoes, kintoki carrots, daikon radish, and thread bonito.
Kyoto zoni made with strong white miso✨

I love it so much that even outside of New Year's, I make it with ingredients I can prepare, such as white miso, bonito flakes, rice cakes, and daikon radish.

There are still things you shouldn't forget about New Year's in Kyoto.
``Daifukucha'' is pronounced ``Obukucha''.

On New Year's Day, people enjoy ``Daifuku tea'' containing pickled plums and kelp to pray for good health.
The tea used varies depending on the home or store, but our Daifuku tea is "Kukihojicha", which is easy to enjoy for both adults and children.

Also, after drinking, if you wrap your body with kaishi (pickled plums) and kelp and wipe your body,
It is said that you will not get sick for a year.

Limited quantities available at the online store. Would you like to prepare for the New Year too?

Introducing Daifuku tea to drink during the New Year

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