try something you've never done before

try something you've never done before

One of Doraemon's gadgets is "Moshimo Box".



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It happened that the usual way home was under construction, and when I returned on a road that I don't usually go,
I sometimes feel fresh in a casual scenery. Habituation and repetition are amazing,
While various things can be done semi-automatically without thinking about each one,
A lot of small notices will be invisible.


Tradition and history, in a sense, choose "less traveled roads" because of their length and value,

It's hard to think about, and I'm worried, but at that time, it's time to use "Moshimo BOX".


If there were no teapots in the world...
If you can't pour hot or cold water into your tea...
If you can't drink tea...
If, if, if...


Occasionally, I travel to such unknown worlds.





If there is no way ahead of what you can do and what you have done.
What should we do, and at the same time, how can tea and people be useful?




It may seem obvious, but I think we have no choice but to try things that we have never done before, and things that we feel we can't do right now.
Needless to say, it's easier said than done.


Ujikin Soft is our company's first product that is not tea itself, born from such a situation and way of thinking.



Ujikin soft serve from Nakamura Tokichi Main Store. Matcha and hojicha soft serve ice cream.



It tastes like tea brewed in a teapot, just like usucha served in a nice bowl.

Could it be expressed in another way?



Moshimo BOX always teaches us how to fly beyond the difficulty of others.
The days are just devastating, but the scenery of tea that can only be seen when you can fly,
I am still looking for it today.



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