valentine answer day

valentine answer day

Hello everyone ( ´ ∀` )
This is Keko from the online staff.

After Valentine's Day,

The blue, light blue, and yellow displays will instantly stand out.

3/14 is White Day🩵

I thought it was a popular event all over the world, but

It seems to be a custom born in Japan.


There seem to be various theories

Going back to the present, in the Showa era, as Valentine's Answer Day,

There is a theory that it was invented at a long-established confectionery store in Kyushu.


On Valentine's Day, friends chocolates and thank you chocolates are sometimes given.

White Day has also become an event for giving back to those who have given you chocolate, regardless of gender.

Keko also received a lot of chocolate, so I'm thinking of ways to return the favor.
What should I do this year?

"Cha Colate" is grilled chocolate sandwiched between crunchy cookies.

You can buy a single item for yourself, a set of 5 for a friend, a set of 9 for a superior, etc.

The point is that you can choose according to the purpose♪


The hole type of “Matcha Gateau Chocolat” is

A flavor that everyone will want to eat together in a place where many people gather.

After canning the pecans,
“Ochanotane” covered in plenty of matcha chocolate (〃ω〃)

Once you open one box, you can't stop picking up the other one.


``Cha Fille'' is a thin chocolate crepe that you will want to taste and eat one by one.

As a gift to your friends.


I'm sure you're thinking about giving something back, but

Keko was seriously worried about how to reward himself.


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