What is "GREENTEA"?

What is "GREENTEA"?

Hello everyone.

By the way, do you know GREENTEA?


"What are you asking about, GREENTEA?"

You may be...

People from Kansai

is not it? 🤔


green = green

tea = tea

For those who thought, "Green tea?"

Now I will explain about GREENTEA.



This is "GREENTEA".

What is called "GREENTEA" in Kansai,

It is a mixture of matcha and sugar.



On the cool server in the storefront of the shopping district and the tea shop in the neighborhood

A popular drink that you can see sold for 50 yen per cup in Kansai.

As a child, I would follow my mother shopping and ask her to let me drink.



I thought it was everywhere in Japan, but

It's popular in the Kansai region, but it doesn't seem to be so in other regions.



However, upon investigating

It seems that there are areas other than Kansai that are sold.


I wrote, "Are you from Kansai who knows GREENTEA?"

Sorry about that!



Overseas "Green tea"



Kansai GREENTEA is made from matcha, not green tea.

However, overseas, people drink green tea made from tea leaves with sugar,

Add milk to make it like a latte,

Various, such as pointing to "green tea" purely without sweetness.




Therefore, when customers buy GREENTEA at the store,

we confirm with them,

"This is a sweet drink made from a mixture of matcha and sugar.




In addition, the GREENTEA of ​​Nakamura Tokichi Honten is

Because it uses frosted sugar with a refreshing sweetness


Soluble in water and easy to mix

There is no sticky sweetness like white sugar.



Also, since it can be made with hot water and can be enjoyed hot,

You can enjoy delicious food all year round.


Float the milk foam as shown in the picture,

It is also recommended to enjoy gradually mixing with milk.





This time, we introduced "GREENTEA".

Are there any popular drinks in your area? 😊


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