What is “Mizudashi” tea?

What is “Mizudashi” tea?

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"Mizudashi tea (cold brewed teas)" is made only in summer.


What is "cold brewed teas"?


I think there are some people who thought so.


Mizudashi tea is tea brewed with cold water instead of hot water.




When tea is extracted at a high temperature,

Bitter and astringent ingredients such as catechins are easier to dissolve.


On the other hand, when extracted at a low temperature,

Bitter ingredients are less likely to come out, and umami and sweet ingredients are easier to dissolve.



Therefore, cold brewed green tea

You can taste it more mellow than tea made with hot water.


“Is it wrong to serve normal sencha with water?”

Said the one who thought.


If you brew normal sencha with cold water, it will give off a slightly fishy smell.



Cold-brewed sencha is most delicious when brewed with water.

A blended sencha for cold brew.


It tends to take time to extract water,

Adjust so that the taste comes out firmly in a relatively short time.


In the coming season, if you float ice and chill it

You can enjoy it more refreshing and refreshing 😊🧊


Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the limited time water tea 🍵


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