What is Nanakusa gayu (rice porridge with seven herbs) ?

What is Nanakusa gayu (rice porridge with seven herbs) ?

January 7th, the day after the New Year, is famous for eating Nanakusa porridge.

The day on January 7th, when people exorcise the bad luck of the previous year and pray for good health in the new year, is known as the Jinbi no Sekku, also known as the Nanakusa no Sekku.

Do you know the seven herbs in ``Nanakusa Gayu''?
Keko couldn't say all the types, so he studied again.

``Seri'' is a lucky charm that has the meaning of ``winning at an auction.''
``Nazuna'' means ``to remove dirt by stroking''
``Gokyo'' means ``body of Buddha''
``Hakobera'' means ``Reflection is rampant = Prosperity is spreading.''
``Hotoke noza'' means ``Buddha is sitting calmly.''
``Suzuna'' has been considered a lucky charm as it means ``a bell that calls the gods.''
``Suzushiro'' (daikon) means ``pure and clean.''

This is a comforting flavor that is gentle on Keko's stomach and intestines, as he tends to binge drink during the New Year holidays.
I used to eat it in the morning,
This year, I had it for dinner.
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