what number

what number

200, 160, 180, 90...

The staff around Keko, including Keko,

These are the numbers you see and say out loud almost every day.


This is not a calculation.

There is no waiting time to brew tea.


what number


Some of you may have seen or heard of it.


The last part of the number in English is "m"

``Minute'' in Japanese


Do you understand something...



``Thank you for calling. This is Nakamura Tokichi Honten.


The current waiting time at the Honten cafe is approximately 200 minutes.

・・・・・・. ”


Fortunately, even on weekdays, the numbers above are the waiting time information.

Most people are surprised when we inform them over the phone.

It's like waiting for an attraction at a theme park...


Local people from Uji who come by bicycle or on foot,

Those who drive for long periods of time,

For those who come by changing trains,

Those who come from across the sea,

We have a lot of wishes for many customers to visit and use our store.

The waiting time numbers are just getting bigger.


Listening to what customers say over the phone when we provide guidance over the phone

It still makes me feel sad.


If you have plans or time in Kyoto and would like to visit a cafe,

Located in Kyoto City, Kyoto Station store,

We would like to introduce our Kyoto Ekimae and Shijo branches in Kyoto City.

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