Hello everyone. It's midopa.

This time, we interviewed the head office staff about their recommended tea!


Ask the head office staff

“If you want to buy one tea at Nakamura Tokichi Honten for the first time”


To Ms.K, the staff at the tea department at the main store in Uji

I asked him if he would like to buy a piece of tea at Nakamura Tokichi Honten for the first time.



Staff K : My recommendation is "Kuki Hojicha".

The scent is impressive.


It has a fragrant aroma and a refreshing aftertaste, with a slightly sweet aftertaste.


I'd like you to drink it when you spend time with your family at home.



Midopa : Ms.K, do you have any memories of “Hojicha”?



Staff K : The scent and taste are something that I will always remember.


There is a "tea drinking place" at school, and from the faucet

There was a tap where hojicha and kyobancha came out.


Thinking about it now, I appreciate it...

The temperature was quite hot for elementary school students.



Midopa : It's unique to tea-producing areas.



Staff K : Even in the middle of summer, it was unwaveringly hot.

It's a scent that reminds me of drinking with my friends while saying it's hot.


The elementary school I went to no longer exists, but when I smell this scent, I still remember it, and for some reason I can't help it.

It is recommended to enjoy it hot, but in the future, we also recommend cold brew tea.


Midopa :

Ms.K, thank you for the wonderful episode.



young sweetfish and tea



With "Hojicha" recommended by staff K,

Today is young sweetfish and tea time.




From now on, Kyoto announces the arrival of summer

Japanese sweets "WAKA AYU" are lined up in the store.



A cute sweetfish-shaped sweet made by sandwiching gyuhi (sweet bean paste) and bean paste in thin sponge cake dough.



Sweetfish with slightly different expressions depending on the shop

Enjoy with tea 😊🍵

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