What Is Iced Sencha?

Iced Sencha is produced by blending (“gogumi”) the tea in such a way that the taste of the tea is optimised for cold brewing. The higher the water temperature when brewing the tea, the more drastically will bitterness and astringency overpower the sweetness and deliciousness (umami) of the tea. Cold brewing reduces the release of bitterness and astringency, but when brewn with a regular sencha, the tea may not turn out very tasty because also a raw greenish smell may be extracted, which damages the entire tasting balance. Iced Sencha is a limited edition seasonal tea, produced by using our unique blending and manufacturing methods in order to accomplish a proper balance of mellow deliciousness (umami), richness, oozing sweetness and modest bitterness/astringency by cold brewing.

How to Make Good Cups of Tea (for two)

This method is an introduction to make iced tea suitable for hot weather by using regular Sencha.
It is very easy. All you need to do is to brew the tea a little stronger than usual and pour it into a glass full of ice; so-called “on the rocks.”
Make the tea a little too strong to drink straight as the ice will melt and slightly dilute the tea. Use a slightly larger amount of tea leaves and wait a little longer than when you would usually with hot water. This will allow you to enjoy a flavour yet different from our specific Iced Tea.

  • Recommended Way To Taste

  • On the rocks

how to store

Here are some tips to keep your tea fresh and enjoy it tastily.