What Is Nakamura-cha?

Nakamura-cha (Nakamura Tea) is a tea blend available only at Nakamura Tokichi. In the tea environment and terminology, the special term, “gogumi,” means as much as "to blend". To produce Nakamura-cha, we have blended seven types of Japanese green tea, including sencha and gyokuro, through the process of gogumi by the standards of our secret ratios to allow everyone to easily brew a good cup of tea. Because Nakamura-cha is composed of various types of tea, different flavours can be enjoyed just by changing the water temperature. The charm of Nakamura-cha lies in its elegant flavour, composed of a mixture of the good aspects of the various types of tea. No single type of tea can render such a flavour; it became only possible by mixing the flavours of different types of tea.

Quality Differences

With Nakamura-cha, you can enjoy a variety of different flavours just by changing the water temperature.

  • sweetness


    Rather plain and just as strong as the bitterness and astringency. Sweetness hardly remains in the aftertaste.

    The mellow sweetness and richness of gyokuro stands out. Sweetness overpowers the bitterness and astringency.
  • umami


    Rather plain without thickness. Mingles nicely with the bitterness and astringency and cannot be felt obviously.

    One may feel the deliciousness (umami) of gyokuro and tencha. Sensed thick over the tongue for a while but soon disappears.
  • bitter and astringent


    Not as strong as sencha. Soft, full-bodied and plain overall. There is little harshness.

    Not very obvious. Sweetness overpowers the bitterness and astringency as with kabusecha.
  • aroma


    The aroma of tencha stands out. This becomes more obvious as the tea matures. The fresh aroma of sencha flows through the nose towards the end.

    One may slightly sense the oika (aroma from covering) of tencha and gyokuro in addition to a kabuseka (aroma from overlaying). Not clear or sharp but soft and full-bodied.

How to Make Good Cups of Tea (for two)

  • To Bring Out Sweetness

  • To Accentuate Bitterness

  • To Make It More Mellow: Cold Brewing

how to store

Here are some tips to keep your tea fresh and enjoy it tastily.