What Is Green Tea?

Green Tea is a sweet drink made by mixing sugar and matcha. Our Green Tea is made in such a way that the deliciousness (umami), bitterness and astringency of matcha are expressed the best and can thus consumed and used in various ways. You can find your favourite way to enjoy it.
[Recommended Ways to Drink/Use Green Tea]
- Dissolve in cold water or milk.
- Dissolve in hot water or milk.
- Sprinkle over shaved ice or yogurt.
- Use as an ingredient for Japanese- or western-style sweets.

What Is Obukucha?

On New Year's Day, it is the tradition around Kyoto to, in prayer for good health during the New Year, drink tea contained with a pickled plum and a knot of dried kelp. This tea is called obukucha or ofukucha (tea for great happiness) and is said to have its origin during the Heian period, when the Buddhist Monk, Kuya Shonin, served tea to the ordinary people in Kyoto to guard them against epidemics and the plague. Depending on the household or tea store, obukucha exists in various forms, using various kinds of tea including sencha, genmaicha or hojicha. We serve obukucha using kuki hojicha. Customs other than the obukucha tradition involving consuming tea in prayer for good health exist all over Japan. As the way these rituals are conducted may vary in style, it might be fun to look for them.

What Is Hand-Roasted Kyo Bancha?

After the new tea leaves are picked, the large, hard leaves and branches are cut off and roasted by hand in a large iron kettle. The large, hard tea leaves cannot be "rubbed" so the shape of the leaves remain intact, giving the tea the appearance of dead leaves. It has a strong smoky scent, and is characterized by a bonfire-like smoky aroma with a simple and gentle taste. Since the amount of caffeine is relatively low, everyone from the elderly to children can enjoy it.

how to store

Here are some tips to keep your tea fresh and enjoy it tastily.