Spring News from Ginza Store

Spring News from Ginza Store

Seasonal Menu

Hello, this is Keko(*´∀`*)
The long-awaited parfait, a special spring treat
We will start serving them at our Ginza store from today, March 1 (Tuesday)!🌸
The process starts with the fresh matcha cream, which is made with the most refined flavor.
The special matcha ice cream is made from hand-picked matcha green tea, and is paired with a special slightly salty cherry bean paste and sweet and sour strawberries.
slightly salty sakura bean paste and sweet and sour strawberries.😊
After the mouth is filled with the mouthwatering green tea baumkuchen, a spoonful of the raw tea jelly appears.
After you take a spoonful of the mouthwatering matcha green tea baumkuchen, you can enjoy the fresh tea jelly [matcha green tea] that appears when you scoop it with a spoon.
The tea sauce is made of thick tea kneaded from a single serving of the tea.
The sweetness and moderate bitterness will remain in your mouth after you finish it.

We hope you enjoy the gorgeous spring!😊🍵


[Period] February 15, 2023 - April 28, 2023

*Please note that the end date may be earlier or later depending on the situation.

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