Don't fall in love with tea.

Don't fall in love with tea.



Don't fall in love with tea.

That's what I learned when I started purchasing crude tea and assessing its quality.


As an amateur, I had no idea what he was saying.

This is delicious, this fragrance spreads well,

I don't like tea like this.

It's easy to use, it looks beautiful, and it was a good deal to buy it cheaply.

As time passed, I was able to gradually accumulate experience points while making various mistakes.

One of those days.


Unexpectedly, the tea came in front of me.

It has an overwhelming presence.


Release a strange aura. "You don't know anything," he said, as if ridiculing all of his experiences.


It's delicious, I like it, and it's beautiful. I was "grabbed" by its taste and aroma so much that all such expressions were erased far away.

While groaning, "Does this kind of tea exist in this world?"


And before I knew it, I had broken the rules I had been taught and had fallen in love with tea.
Ah, what were you saying then? Was this what you fell in love with?


I finally understand why it was banned.



For example, it's because we don't think about "tea" that customers would want.

For example, it's because I ignore the price and buy "tea" that I don't even know if it can be used.
(The tea that often makes you fall in love is expensive.)

For example, it's because I try to push too much on people the "tea" that I fell in love with.

A warning against being selfish. That's why it was "Don't fall in love with tea".

A little time has passed since then.


Is that forbidden too much? largely? Rather, it is not protected at all (laughs)
Because it is rare to find a tea that you fall in love with, and I think that it is better to be able to feel the ideals of the creator and the strong will to make the tea through the tea, which will eventually play a role for the person.

Because I feel the beauty of the future where tea made by people who can't help but continue to exist.



The moment you open the tea box.

In the blink of an eye, your mind and senses may be "grabbed".


Be careful, too.


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