"Early Summer Inarizushi" with tea leaves

"Early Summer Inarizushi" with tea leaves

Hello everyone.

This is Midopa, the online staff.


Today, I'd like to introduce a recipe for "Early Summer Inarizushi" with plenty of fresh tea in season♪



The fresh tea leaves are so soft that you can eat even the used tea leaves!

By all means, let's enjoy even the used tea leaves😆♪



This time I used this new tea 🌱




[Sushi rice]

Rice…2 go

(A) Vinegar ... 4 tablespoons

(A) Sugar... 3 tablespoons

(A) Salt... 1 teaspoon

New tea leaves ... 3 tbsp

White sesame seeds…as you like

[Fried Inari]

Fried tofu...5 pieces

Hot water (for removing oil)…Appropriate amount

(B) Dashi soup... 1 cup

(B) Soy sauce…6 tablespoons

(B) Sugar…3 tablespoons

(B) Mirin…3 tablespoons

[Decoration materials]

Shrimp, lotus root, green beans, etc.


How to make:

  • Cook the rice.
  • Place the used tea leaves flat on a plate and heat in the microwave at 600W for 1 minute and 30 seconds to remove the moisture.
  • Put the aburaage in a colander, pour hot water over it to remove the oil, and cut it in half to open it like a bag.
  • Put (B) in a pot and bring to a boil, then add the fried tofu and simmer for about 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool.
  • Mix until the sugar and salt in (A) dissolve, combine with the rice, and let cool slightly.
  • Mix rice with dried used tea leaves and white sesame seeds if desired.


  • Divide the sushi rice into 10 equal parts, lightly squeeze them, and wrap them in lightly drained aburaage.


  • Garnish with shrimp, lotus root, and green beans to complete.


Even if you don't have shrimp or green beans,

If you have used tea leaves, rice, and fried tofu, you can make it.


Only fresh tea leaves are soft,

Seasonal taste of eating tea 🌱


By all means, please try to make inari sushi with plenty of gorgeous new tea flavor🍵


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