How to spend a holiday when the weather is bad.

How to spend a holiday when the weather is bad.

On a rainy day, when staying indoors becomes more appealing, it's Keko here, finding solace in the comfort of home.

Though it might seem like a lazy day, my schedule is surprisingly packed when spending a day at home.

So, how do I spend my leisure time at home?

I start by diving into my favorite books and reference materials, immersing myself in their pages.

Then, I indulge in binge-watching movies and Western TV dramas.
After hours of reading and viewing, when my eyes start to feel tired, it's time for tea. I reach for a refreshing, sweet green tea served chilled.

While plain green tea with cold water is a classic choice, I also enjoy mixing it with milk for an indulgent latte, making ice pops, or using it as a base for homemade flavored ice cubes.


The versatility of green tea allows for endless possibilities, and I always make sure to keep it stocked, especially during this season.

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