In line with the new school term and new life

In line with the new school term and new life

April marks the beginning of a new life for many, such as new students or new professionals embarking on their careers. ✨

How is everyone spending this new phase of life?

While I may not be a new student or new professional, I'm here, Keko, stepping out with confidence, dressed smartly and ready to take on whatever comes my way! ✨

Do you ever feel a mix of excitement and apprehension when starting something new in life?

It's natural to feel both hope and anxiety. Often, we're inspired to freshen up our stationery or belongings as a sign of anticipation and optimism.

Surrounding ourselves with our favorite things can boost our spirits and motivate us to give our best efforts! ✨

Some of you may already know, but recently, we made some updates to the uniforms for our staff at the main store (^^)

Did anyone notice the change?