It's here! Full of chocolate

It's here! Full of chocolate

Hello everyone ( ´∀`)
This is Keko from the online staff.

An event that smells sweet has arrived again this year✨
The city is full of Valentine's Day ❤️

Every year I worry about how to reward myself with chocolate 😋
I have bought it many times as a reward for myself, but Valentine's Day is special ✨

What should I do this year?

``Raw Chacoato'' is a must-have item to stock in your refrigerator every year.
One tablet before cooking, one tablet during tea time...
It won't stop.

``Chocolate to enjoy strong tea'' is
Chocolate full of rich flavor that melts and rolls in your mouth.
I really look forward to eating one piece every day.

I also like to eat ``dark chocolate'' cold,
For arranging gateau chocolate, making chocolate chip ice cream,
A large amount of stock is confirmed for arrangements such as tempering.

The hole type of “Matcha Gateau Chocolat” is
You can eat it as is, warm it up a little, add dark chocolate and heat it up in the microwave, top it with your favorite jam, or use it as an ingredient in a parfait.
You can arrange it in many ways, so I try to prepare it at least once every few weeks.

This year's number one stock chocolate is
After canning the pecans,
“Ochanotane” covered in plenty of matcha chocolate (〃ω〃)
There are various sizes in one box,
If you buy a large one, you can fully enjoy the texture of the pecan nuts.
Small ones can enjoy the chocolate flavor of matcha 😊

How about treating yourself to some chocolate?


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