"Kyoto Jazz Massive at Nakamura Tokichi Byodoin"

"Kyoto Jazz Massive at Nakamura Tokichi Byodoin"

Hello, this is online staff Midopa.

Yesterday, April 23, 2023 (Sunday) at Nakamura Tokichi Byodoin

The music event "Kyoto Jazz Massive at Nakamura Tokichi Byodoin" was held.



We welcome two artists from Uji, Kyoto Jazz Massive,

A music party where you can enjoy the culture and scenery of Uji while enjoying music and food.

This is a collaboration unique to Uji.



The equipment was set up in the morning, and the staff was excited.


And when it starts, locals, tourists,

For those coming from overseas...



Many people enjoy music and Japanese tea

A space where you can spend your time freely.



From adults to children, there are various generations to enjoy.

To all the artists who carry the Uji River on their backs when the weather is fine

The customer's eyes are also glued.



And on this day, we offered a one-day limited menu.



Collaboration food with Uji's banh mi specialty store "Chop Chop banhmi",

With Nakamura Tea Bread Mee from "Nakamura Tokichi Byodo-in Store"

"Chop chop banhmi" original banh mi,

Enjoyed 2 types of half size with Japanese tea🍵✨



This is an alcohol menu using Kyobancha and highball.

The smoky scent of Kyobancha leaves your nose refreshingly.


I was able to share a good time with tea and sake in one hand☺️





With the participation of so many people,

I hope you had a different time than usual 😊🍵



Everyone who planned and performed,

Thank you very much.


Performer (DJ): Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive / Kyoto Jazz Sextet)

Yoshihiro Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive / Especial Records)

Yukari BB (Jazzy Sport Kyoto / Sound Familiar)

Masaki Tamura (Doit JAZZ! / KJCC)

Tsuen (24th head of Tsuen)

Meals (FOOD&DRINK): Chop Chop Banhmi, Nakamura Tokichi

Sound system (SOUND SYSTEM): night cruising

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