Nakamura Tokichi Azabudai store has opened.

Hello everyone.

This is Midopa, an online staff member.


On November 24, 2023, “Nakamura Tokichi Azabudai Store” opened in Azabudai Hills in Tokyo🎉


This time it's new I would like to sneak into and introduce the inside of "Nakamura Fujiyoshi Azabudai store" 😊



“Nakamura Tokichi Azabudai store” is TOGO style

The Azabudai store is located on the 1st basement floor of Azabudai Hills, right next to exit 5 of Kamiyacho Station.


And, there is no full-service cafe like the Ginza store inside Ginza Six,

Azabudai store offers take-out drinks!


We offer a drink menu using "Japanese tea" that can only be drunk here.


Among them, "Mixture" is especially packed with attention to detail.


The classic “Matcha latte” is made by pouring matcha into milk.

This is a ``mixture'' from Nakamura Tokichi main store that is a mix of milk and matcha that you will understand when you drink it✨


While retaining the rich matcha flavor and aroma that hits your nose,

The richness of the milk is an exquisite balance.


You can adjust the sweetness when ordering (for example, no sweetness), so please ask the staff 😊🍵


Now, when you look around the store, you'll see a large counter.

It's actually a counter where the Uji River flows.


The Uji River, the color of tea, flows through the counter, and the ``treasure ship'' in the garden of our main store in Kyoto crosses the river.


Near the upstream area is the ``Byodoin Phoenix Hall''. There is also Ajiike !


please Place your drink on the shore of Aji Pond and take a quick look.


We have set up a space near the entrance of the counter where you can sample the drinks.


Anyone can compare the taste of Japanese tea 🍵




Also, you can only buy it here.

“Home Maruto Parfait” is now available✨

"Maruto Parfait" can be enjoyed at home,

Seasonal citrus and white miso panna cotta, etc.

We created a parfait that you won't find anywhere else.


We are happy to have been introduced in various media 😌🍵


Please enjoy it with tea at home.




We look forward to your visit.

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