Recipes to enjoy bright colors

Recipes to enjoy bright colors

Although October starts tomorrow,

Kyoto is still hot and humid.


How are you all doing?


Introducing recipes using matcha for this hot summer season♪


Vegetable jelly with matcha sauce

This time, I'm going to try a recipe that combines matcha sauce with vegetable jelly.

I would like to introduce you.



Ingredients: (for 2 people)

Okra…5 pieces

Beats... 1/2 can

Carrot …1/2 bottles

Paprika…1 piece

Hot water…400ml

(A) Gelatin powder…15g

(A) Consommé cube…1 piece

(A) Salt and pepper…a little

[Matcha sauce]

(B) Olive oil…1 teaspoon

(B) Matcha... 1 teaspoon

(B) Mayonnaise…1 tablespoon

(B) Vinegar... 1 teaspoon


How to make:

  • Cut the stems of the okra, cut the carrots and bell pepper into sticks, and boil them with salt. Also cut the beets into sticks.


  • Add 400ml of hot water After mixing (A), let it cool to body temperature.


  • Place the vegetables in the mold, pour in the cooled liquid, and let it cool and harden in the refrigerator.


  • Combine (B) in a bowl to make matcha sauce.


  • Boil the mold in hot water, remove the jelly, slice it to your desired width and serve. Add matcha sauce and herbs to complete the dish.



When removing the jelly from the mold, it will be easier to remove it if you place it in a hot water bath and watch it .


Also, taste the mayonnaise you use for the sauce.

Please adjust the amount to your liking. 



Click here for the matcha I used in this recipe.



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