Sagicho? Dontoyaki?

Sagicho? Dontoyaki?

Hello everyone 😊
The New Year has passed, and many of you may have started work this week.
After the Coming of Age Ceremony, the next event is
Sagicho! ! Right 😊

Keko was talking about Sagicho without question.
"what is that? ” Midopa-san suddenly appeared.

This is also amazing, I thought Sagicho was available all over the country💦
``Dontoyaki'', ``Dondoyaki'', ``Dosojin Festival'', ``Sai no Kami'', ``Onibi Taki''...
It seems that the name is different depending on the region.

At Sagicho, it is common to burn New Year's decorations such as kadomatsu and shimenawa.
It was said that if you burn the beginning of your writing and the embers fly high in the sky, your handwriting will improve.
Keko was also following the beginning of his own writing with his eyes.
I remember being satisfied with my positive thoughts and feeling like I was flying high in the sky.

It is also considered a children's festival, with elementary and junior high school students taking center stage.
Children act as messengers of the gods and are responsible for a series of events over the past year, such as inviting blessings, foretelling blessings, and warding off evil spirits.

Parents and local residents prepared this in the elementary school playground.
Enjoy kinako mochi, zenzai, and soy sauce mochi while watching the mochi pounding
I felt a sense of fulfillment by eating lots of rice cakes, running around and playing in the schoolyard, and sipping on the tea they made for me.
A fun event every year.

Now that he is an adult, Keko wants to participate in children's events as a ``local member''.
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