Summer is approaching 88 nights

Summer is approaching 88 nights

Summer is approaching Eighty-eight nights

It looks like that young leaves are growing in the fields and mountains

Isn't it a tea picker?


Have you ever heard a nursery rhyme about tea picking?


Hachijuhachiya is the 88th day counting from the first day of spring.


Since ancient times, there is a legend that if you drink tea picked on this day, you will be able to spend the year without misfortune.



The season of "new tea", which is also a festival of teahouses once a year.

Due to recent changes in temperature and climate, the season for picking tea is getting earlier and earlier each year.

The first market of Uji tea in 2022 was also a little early on April 23rd.



The sprouts that have grown by slowly accumulating nutrients during the winter are the result of the continuous efforts and affection of the tea farmers.



And although you can feel the youthful aroma and freshness that is unique to fresh tea, the taste of fresh tea changes every year due to the climate and soil conditions of the year.



In addition, the fresh tea leaves are particularly soft, and you can eat the tea leaves as they are.

We recommend lightly squeezing the used tea leaves after extraction and adding a small amount of salt.

It's delicious even with refreshing ponzu 😋

Brew the tea and enjoy the tea leaves left in the teapot.


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