Summer preparation

Summer preparation

Hello everyone (´∀`)

It's starting to feel like summer ✨

I'm Keko who likes to drink chilled tea.


Kyoto is a basin surrounded by mountains on three sides.

Summers are surprisingly hot and humid, and winters are bitterly cold .

There may be some houses that are "fitting replacement" to cool down even a little.


The tatami room at the head office is finally here

It has become a summer preparation.


Rattan mat (to mat),

The sliding doors of the blinds.

You can enjoy the cool breeze with your five senses when you change the fittings in summer☺️


And unique to the time of the Gion Festival

Hiougi 😊


Since the cypress fan (Hyougi) was used to ward off evil spirits,

Especially at the Gion Festival, which was started to appease the wrath of vengeful spirits, it is used as a "festive flower".

The cypress fan has been considered indispensable.


This flower that blooms orange and yellow flowers in summer,

It seems that it was often displayed in front of the eaves of private houses as one of the festivals.


Always the old customs etc.

Thankfully, many people will teach me.


Even in the usual scenery

When I see it after being told

It always makes me very happy to have new perspectives♪

I want to cherish this custom.

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