Tea and Uji no Machi Historical Park “Chazuna”

Tea and Uji no Machi Historical Park “Chazuna”

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Tea and Uji no Machi Historical Park "Chazuna" is a delightful destination that debuted in August 2021, nestled in the heart of Uji, Kyoto.

This meticulously curated park offers an immersive journey into the world-renowned Uji tea culture and the captivating history and heritage of Uji city.


The location is right next to Keihan Uji Station. Historic sites and green squares spread out, and small children can be seen playing during the day.

The square is surrounded by tea plantations, and beyond that flows the Uji River, which generates the morning mist that is essential for the cultivation of Uji tea.

Chazuna Experience Class


Experience classes and workshops related to tea and Uji are held in the "Chazuna" building.

A typical example is matcha, which is made by grinding tea from a tea mill.

The experience of grinding tea from a tea mill with a view of the tea fields and gardens is a rare opportunity to do so.


There is also a Uji tea ceremony experience that can be taught by a tea ceremony teacher and a tea ceremony experience.

For those seeking a personalized touch, the park offers workshops where visitors can craft their own bespoke tea canisters, choosing from a diverse selection of washi designs.

These meticulously crafted canisters not only serve as practical storage for tea leaves but also double as exquisite decorative pieces or thoughtful gifts, encapsulating the essence of Uji's rich cultural heritage.

Uji Tourist Information



Furthermore, the park boasts a state-of-the-art touch-panel screen, offering visitors a comprehensive guide to nearby attractions and points of interest, including the iconic Byodo-in Temple.

With a simple scan of QR codes, guests can access detailed information on their smartphones, facilitating seamless exploration and enhancing the overall visitor experience.




This is a corner that introduces nearby cafes.

Each store has a card, so you can take it with you as a guide.

There is also a space where you can sit comfortably, making it the perfect place to stop by at the beginning of your Uji sightseeing and plan your day.



Chazuna Observation Terrace



The view from the observation terrace is also nice.

For those seeking respite, the park features a cozy seating area where guests can unwind amidst the tranquil ambiance, meticulously planning their itinerary while soaking in the scenic vistas. The observation terrace offers panoramic views of the surrounding tea plantations, verdant gardens, and bustling train activity, providing a captivating glimpse into the timeless allure of Uji.

In Uji City, the area around Byodo-in Temple, a World Heritage Site, is designated as a "priority area for landscape planning" in order to preserve the scenery of Uji, the hometown of Uji, which is in harmony with the historical environment and the rich and beautiful nature.

From Chazuna, you can enjoy the unique scenery of Uji.


Nakamura Tokichi's Byodo-in branch is about a 7-minute walk from the "Tea and Uji no Machi Historical Park".

The building of Nakamura Tokichi Byodo-in has been selected as an "Important Cultural Landscape" as a remaining building of the restaurant and inn Kikuya, which represents Uji from the Edo period. You can relax and enjoy a cup of tea while gazing at the flow of the Uji River.

Please try to stretch your legs from tea.

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