Tea time is everywhere.

Tea time is everywhere.

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In Japan, offering tea is a cherished practice when welcoming guests.

It's not just a sign of hospitality but a deep-rooted tradition that extends into various aspects of our daily lives. Whether it's starting the day, fostering communication, unwinding, enjoying a meal, transitioning between work and personal time, or marking significant moments, tea is an integral part of our lives.

In the UK, the tradition of tea time holds a special place. It's not merely about enjoying the tea itself but also about savoring the time, engaging in conversation, and cherishing the company.

This appreciation for the moments and interactions that tea fosters is a beautiful, universal concept.

Globally, most regions consider tea as a beverage to be enjoyed hot or warm. However, in Japan, we also embrace the custom of drinking chilled tea, such as cold matcha or cold sencha, especially during the hotter months.

As we transition into the warmer seasons, why not refresh yourself with some cold tea?

Chilled tea not only offers a delightful way to cool down but also provides a different sensory experience, highlighting the versatility and richness of Japanese tea culture.

Whether you're new to cold tea or a long-time enthusiast, it's a wonderful way to enjoy the season and add a refreshing twist to your daily tea ritual.

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